Volunteer Worker Benefit Plan

In addition to these incentives offered by the SCCA national office below, Milwaukee Region also has it's own incentive program.

SCCA Worker Incentive Program-
2 days Free annual Hardcard
4 days $15 membership discount
6 days $22 membership discount
8 days $30 membership discount
12+ days $41? membership discount + special VIP card and name in Sportscar        

$2.00 of every entry goes to support this program.

2009 – 143 members took advantage of the 4-5 day incentive
2009 – 138 members took advantage of the 6-7 day incentive
2009 – 896 members took advantage of the 8+ day incentive

New Club Racing Volunteer Program
1st weekend working free then can join for $30.00 for 3 years if you work 4 or more days

Last year 177 members joined thru this program.

Club racing volunteer membership application.

Member Referral
Get $10.00 in SCCA Gold Dollars for each referral.  Can be used for membership, gear, entries etc.

How to log your days online for the SCCA National Worker Incentive Program. You can also use this PDF form.


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