2013 Solo Drivers School

Start the season off right by learning about autocrossing from some of the best in the nation.

Saturday May 11th

  • The Solo driver’s school will begin with a classroom session at Kelly's Bleacher's, 5218 W. Bluemound Rd. Milwaukee, WI. This will cover the basics of autocrossing, including safety, car classes and course working. We then get into reading a course map, car control techniques and we critique some in-car videos. The cost is $70 and includes lunch at 11am. Annual SCCA membership is NOT required, a weekend membership is included in the price. 

  • Drivers school check-in is at 8 am at Kelly's Bleachers, lunch is at 11 am and we hope to be done at 4 pm.

  • After lunch it’s over to Miller Park where our instructors will be waiting to take you out on the courses.  Two driver school entrants can share the same car. 

  • Your car must have a passenger seat equipped with seat belts for an instructor. Your car will have to pass a basic safety inspection, (tight battery, wheel bearings, check the brakes, etc.).  It does NOT need special safety equipment like a roll cage or fire extinguisher.  You will need a valid state drivers license and a Snell M2000, SA2000 or newer helmet. Borrowing your buddies newer motorcycle helmet would be fine. Just check the sticker inside. Inexpensive open faced helmets can be found at local motorcycle shops or at Helmet City or the Helmet Shop.

  • After completion of this school you can put your newfound skills to the test in the regions second event held Sunday, May 12th. Join the SCCA to get a discount on your event entry fees, receive Sportscar magazine and be eligible for online event registration discounts and year end points. Note that a weekend membership is included in your driver school fee and you're eligible for the $35 onsite membership event #1 rate for Sunday. You'll get a yellow copy of the weekend membership form on Saturday which you need to show at registration on Sunday morning.

  • Online registration can be found here sometime after March 28th. You'll need to create a free account to sign up. Non-members can use a zero for their membership number. The drivers school will be limited to the first 60 entrants to sign up. We reserve the right to bump an experienced driver looking for seat time in favor of a less experienced driver.

  • Minor's must have a signed waiver which has to be printed in color.  If there are 2 parents/legal guardians they both need to either sign it while being witnessed by registration or have a notary sign it saying they witnessed the signature.  One parent/legal guardian must be onsite for the entire event.  If on a lerner's permit, the parent can either ride along with the student or give written permission to have an instructor ride with them instead.

  • See www.scca-milwaukee.org or contact Jeff Cashmore for more info.


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