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2015 Milwaukee Region worker rewards info.

The 2015 Cendiv road racing schedule has been posted along with the regions Solo schedule and the Road Rally schedule.

SCCAgear.com is now offering Milwaukee Region logo gear including white rain suits.

Pictures from the November 8, 2014 awards banquet. Our 2015 annual meeting and awards banquet will be November 14th. Save the date!

Congratulations to our 2014 SCCA National Championship Runoffs champs and top 10 finishers!!

Lawrence Loshak - 1st in HP
Andy McDermid - 3rd in AS
Greg Gauper - 4th in HP
Anders Graff - 4th in P2
Ken Kannard - 5th in FP
Lawrence Loshak - 6th in FB
Steve Grundahl - 10th in FE

Congratulations to our 2014 Solo Nationals champs and trophy winners!!

Andrew Canak - 1st in STS
Jocelin Huang - 1st in SSPL
Gretchen Austin - 1st in CSPL
John Ma - 2nd in SS
Chris Fenter - 2nd in CS
Trevor Jones - 2nd in GS
Hilary Anderson - 2nd in STSL
Neal Tovsen - 2nd in CSP
Katie Lacey - 2nd in CSPL
Jeff Cashmore - 2nd in DM
Charles Kim - 3rd in SS
Mark McKnight - 3rd in STS
Lance Keeley - 3rd in STX
Colin Fiedler - 3rd in STR
Dale Bahr - 3rd in BM
Jason Kuks - 4th in BS
Chris Bailey - 5th in STS
Denise Cashmore - 5th in DM
Jason Frank - 6th in STS (with only 1 clean run out of 6!)
Bart Hockerman - 12th in STX

Regions monthly calendar here.Shield

The Runoffs locations have been announced for the next 3 years.

History of the Milwaukee Region shield - by Bob Birmingham.

Historic Racing Circuits of Elkhart Lake info

Club racing volunteer membership application.

Stay connected: see our forum and email list options here. Road Racing Facebook page link


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