CenDiv Goes SCCA Solo 2 Street Touring in 1998!

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That's right! 1998 is going to be a very exciting year for the SCCA and the Central Division! The SCCA has announced that they will be promoting a proposed class for Solo 11 cal led Street Touring (ST). (September '97 - SportsCar)

What is Street Touring? Street Touring is a class for Solo II competition that allows for vehicle modifications c commonly performed by auto enthusiasts, while maintaining legal streetability of the vehicle. A vehicle may compete in Street Touring if its preparation has not exceeded the allowable modifications of the Stock Category, except as specified. (See adjacent page)

Why do we need a new Solo 2 Street Touring class? We need this to serve as a membership recruitment and retention tool. It will provide a natural competition outlet for auto enthusiasts using at-fordable sport sedans equipped with common suspension and appearance modifications which are fully legal and compatible for street use anywhere in the country.

Why bring this new class in now? Currently the SCCA Solo II rules do not service the needs and desire of these general auto enthusiasts enjoying the many performance and appearance components available through the aftermarket on their street legal sport sedans. The Solo IT Stock class rules limit the use of many of these components and the Street Prepared class rules allow modifications which render the vehicle illegal anti undesirable for the street.

This class taps into a huge market of auto enthusiasts who enjoy improving and customizing their daily transportation, i.e. affordable sport sedans. The size of this market is apparent by the number of publications devoted to this type of enthusiast, as well as the burgeoning aftermarket, i.e. SUPER STREET, Sport Compact Car.

Can I race Street Touring in the SCCA Central Division ? Why yes you can! The CenDiv Solo Board is very excited about being in on the ground floor of the development of this class. Here in CenDiv we will be recognizing and supporting not only Street Touring I , but 2 and 3 as well.! These new classes will fall right in line with many of our new SPEED FREAKZ and a lot of us that would love to have a modified car without spending a smal I fortune to race in some of the SCCA Street Prepared classes ........ PLUS in this class you can still drive your car to work without getting a ticket or having all of your fillings vibrate loose! The SCCA Central Division, including the BFGoodrich CenDiv Series will also be recognizing and fully support ing all three of these Street Touring Classes.

What about racing Street Touring at the SCCA National Events? At this time the SCCA plans on recognizing Street Touring I at all SCCA Solo II National Tour and SCCA Pro Solo events. The recognition of Street Touring 2 & 3 will soon follow. No word on what the plans for the 1998 Tire Rack SCCA Solo 11 Nationals has been released yet. However, if these new classes take off like we think they will there's no doubt that they'll be at Nationals in '98!

How do I get started? Getting started is easy. All you need is a qualifying car! The amount of allowed modifications you do is up to you and your race budget. We'll do the rest!  Including: Getting your regions Solo Directors, Timing Chiefs and Pointskeeper up to speed on the addition of these new classes to the SPEED FREAKZ programs and the open classes. We will also be promoting it so you have someone to play with!

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